How can leaders gain insights on their role in an oral communication situation?

Nordea has a lot of specialists who change roles into middle managers. This transitional process requires for the specialists to change their focus. Now, they need to be sense-making soap box speakers who set out a clear direction for the team.

The solution we designed together

In coordination with Nordea we designed a tailor-made workshop that focused on

  • Understanding the audience’s role in your communication, defining your own brand of leadership, defining your core story and its relation to your coworkers
  • Creating a common thread that runs through all communication initiatives
  • Gaining an understanding of the dynamics of credibility with a special focus on character and how that influences the employee’s willingness to follow the leader in times of change

The outcome

The leadership team was given tools to improve their credibility and persuasive power and insights on how their oral communication shapes their image as a leader. They were equipped with strategies for sense-making and improved their skills in disciplines such as storytelling, argumentation, and nonverbal communication.

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