We are experts

In five sectors: the public, the financial, the energy, the IT and the pharma sector, working primarily with companies and public institutions totalling 1.000 employees or more

We are experts in helping the public sector. Many of our consultants have been employed in public sectors jobs themselves and know how politics and lobbying can influence all processes.

We know how the decision flows work. We know which formats the proposals, reports and memos have. And we know about the special culture that flows in most public organizations and how to work with it.

We have solved problems and been part of projects in almost all parts of the public sectors including social, employment, education, energy, taxes, finance, defense and regional.

Compliance, risk, conduct, behavior. That is one of the areas in the financial sector we work with. Strategy implementation, storytelling and culture another. And mergers and internal restructuring a third.

We have been working in and with the financial sectors for many years. We have worked with the international financial labor unions and with some of the biggest banks.

We know how to create real change in financial organizations where most employees might have been employed for 20 or more years. Where agile ways of working are the way forward. And where the market is constantly disrupted by digital services.

How do you switch to a greener strategy based on renewable energy when most of the energy you produce is still provided by coal power plants? How do you make the internal storytelling plausible? How do you implement security compliance in the entire organization? We are experts in just that.

Where other consultancy companies say ‘go do’ after creating a new operation model, we help you implement it in the organization. And we know that getting the offline engineer on the faraway plant involved is the only way to success. We also know how.

We have extensive experience from mainly European companies in the sector.

We love working with fellow nerds. Meant in the most positive way. We have been working with IT, communication and change for many years. And love to bridge the gap between hardcore tech, organizational priorities and communication.

We have consultants that have designed master degree programs in IT, leadership, communication and change at universities. And at the same time have worked with implementing new strategies and creating new or improved storytelling in international IT companies.

We know how to implement an agile mindset; we know how to help leaders implement strategies and changes in divisions spread over half a continent; and we know how to create a corporate culture even with lots of the employees spending more time with the clients than with you.

How do you reinforce for instance a patient centric organization? Where it is deeply rooted in our culture, our storytelling and our purpose to help patients? Where all internal change, all external communication and all values are all aligned? We can help you with that.

Our consultants have worked with several international pharma companies. We have conducted a PhD-project on how to create persuasive storytelling in the pharmaceutical industry. And we have designed programs and worked with both medical and business units.

We have experience in creating cultural change, merging company cultures, strengthening the storytelling and implementing new ways of working.

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