Learning: A key to inclusive growth

Improve your toolbox and train your new skills.

We offer you comprehensive training in the tools we use ourselves when implementing in, solving for, communicating to and changing organisations. We are experts in creating behavioural and cultural change in leadership and storytelling. And in influencing decision making and improving information flows. And we know how to train others in it, which we have proven over and over again with our successful training programs and learning initiatives.

Improve your toolbox and train your new skills for leadership

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We can design training programs within the following areas

All information streams in an organization has one of three purposes: emotional impact and motivating; behavioral change and what to do; and information that empowers decision making. We train the organization in more efficient communication, making decision making at all levels easier and reducing the time spent on long and unnecessary reports, memos and notes.

Change happens all the time in most organizations. But how does management quickly and most efficiently communicate the change through the whole organization? We train management at all levels in a more efficient approach to communication and implementing change.

Most organizations are filled with good managers. But do you have enough leaders that through their leadership create purpose, vision, motivation and the right corporate culture? We create training programs that give you and your team leadership toolboxes which can be utilized on all levels of management. This will make leadership an integrated part of your organization’s management skills.

Yes, culture eats strategy for breakfast as Peter Drucker once said. So creating and maintaining the right corporate culture is essential. You might be merging divisions or entire companies and want to make sure you keep the best from both entities. Let us train you in how to spot the cultural highlights and reinforce it in you organization.

You have a strategy. You have corporate values. But what behavior do you want from the employees to support the strategy and live the values? If executive management can’t describe what they should do differently, how are they supposed to? We create training programs in how to convert a strategy into conduct and behavior.

Most employees have a difficult time connecting all the dots: They are presented with new projects, initiatives, policies, regulations and strategies all the time. But what is the big picture and how are different initiatives interrelated? We design and conduct training programs that help you storytelling the grand picture, connect the different initiatives and handle the objections from employees at all levels.

Compliance might be part of your company’s license to operate. And your compliance officers might be the best in the business. But getting your organization to understand why it makes sense to spend time focusing on compliance and to comply is typically hard. Especially if the head of sales is clearly seeing it as an obstacle. We train compliance functions in how to communicate with the rest of the organization, so they are seen as guides helping their colleagues.

Persuasive presentations with strong key points presented in a motivating way is a powerful tool. We train the entire organization including specialists, managers and executive management in how to do powerful presentations with maximal impacts with a low preparation time. Thereby reducing time spent on bad presentations and increasing the persuasiveness of the organization as a whole.

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Our approach to training

Training is good. But learning from a standard full day course is difficult. We always strive to design learning programs that combine courses with e-learning, in-between assignments, self-directed learning teams and on-the-job-training to make the learned tools stick with you and be as applicable to your work as possible.

You may call it the 40-20-40 model (as designed by Brinkerhoff) or the 70:20:10 Model for Learning and Development (inspired by Lombardo and Eichinger) – we call it efficient training. That is also why all training in all our programs is based on your own cases – so you work and learn at the same time.

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