The soap box speech and the 1-on-1 conversation are both central to good leadership. They are competencies that must be trained and maintained.

Good leaders create good employees which creates good business. That is the dominating thought at Nybolig, and that is why they are prioritizing leadership training in a number of disciplines. Among them are presentation technique and personal coaching, and therefore Nybolig contacted us about designing the training.

The solution we designed together

Nybolig made a strategic prioritization of coaching and presentations and that is why we came up with the idea for a leadership academy. The academy combined inspirational talks with hands-on training for all participating leaders. The training was grounded in cases the leaders brought in from the business battlefields. We worked on specific motivational speeches for employees and 1-on-1 coaching conversations. We gave the leaders simple and easy-to-use tools and models which they could put to use right away.

The outcome

The Nykredit left the academy with useful feedback on their motivational speech and challenging coaching conversation. The feedback was grounded in the models and tools they had been exposed to at the academy, and therefore it served both as a demonstration of the usefulness of the tools and some concrete pointers on the specific situation the leaders were returning to.

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