Nykredit are going through a historical transformation and development. In an intensive leadership training program, all of Nykredit’s 300 top leaders are improving their leadership and communication skills.

At Nykredit, the executive leadership team wanted to strengthen their fellow leaders’ capacities in execution and communication. They wanted to give life to their core story which includes 6 promises to the customer on how Nykredit will operate as a business. The responsibility for turning their core story into modified behavior was a task for all leaders. Going beyond “things we say” into “actions we take” was the overall goal. Therefore, all leaders were challenged to translate the story into the behavioral changes they wanted to see in their department.

The solution we designed together

Together, we designed a leadership academy for more than 300 leaders where they were trained in delivering the core Nykredit story as well as the 6 promises. We focused on disciplines such as storytelling, gaining credibility, leading through communication. The aim of the education was for the leaders to be able to make the story relevant to their employees. We wanted the leaders to be able to tell the story with engagement and feeling.

The outcome

All 300 of the leaders now have their own personalized story which has been refined and customized to their specific situation. They have tools for storytelling and know how to gain credibility, work on sense-making, and improve their leadership communication.

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