If you want your strategy to flourish, the audience must take center stage in your communication.

SimCorp is a global company with ambitious goals. The HR department wants to support the business by create more standardized ways of working and helping the employees work smarter. This is a challenge because it involves old habits and diverse cultures.

The solution we designed together

When you are trying to handle cultural differences and old habits, it is important to have a strong core story which creates meaning and team spirit across all of HR. Therefore, we sat down with the leadership team in HR and worked on:

  • Crafting a core story which resonates with the team members’ experiences
  • Developing strong, simple messages that are aligned with the story
  • Staying ahead of objections and how to handle them when they come
  • Identifying change ambassadors in the organization and what their communicative role is 

The outcome

The SimCorp HR Leadership team crafted a strong story which made the employees the center of attention. The team were proud of their story and used it influence key stakeholders with targeted versions of the story. The team also managed to map the expected resistance and their strategy for handling it.

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