Swedish medical company SOBI have specialized in treating rare diseases. In 2016, SOBI launched new products aimed at treating hemophilia, thereby gaining entry to a number of markets where they had not been earlier. Therefore, the general knowledge of the company was very low or non-existent, and therefore the company had to invest considerable resources into gaining trust and spreading knowledge, especially among doctors and decision makers who are used to dealing with medical companies.

The solution we designed together

In collaboration with the HR department at SOBI, we developed a 2×3 day course with participants from Europe, the U.S.A., the Middle East, and Eastern Europe where medical professionals worked through their own cases with feedback on video recordings and role-playing exercises. The aim was for the employees to be able to

  • Make the audience the hero in the story
  • Utilize the power of storytelling in their argumentation
  • Respond convincingly to critical questions
  • Make the most of their knowledge about the audience
  • Lead and facilitate effective meetings with clear goals

The outcome

The SOBI leaders and employees improved their stakeholder management significantly. They were able to identify their key audiences and tailor their messages towards the specific situation. All participants are now able to help in establishing SOBI as a trustworthy brand in new markets and tell stories that align with the overall strategy of SOBI.

What does SOBI say about the collaboration?

“Our PACE-training has been invaluable. The combination of research based teaching and practical training has improved our employees’ communication skills significantly and made them more focused on achieving their primary goal: working dedicatedly with involvement and cooperation with our customers to continue improving patients’ lives.”

Bruce Faulkner-Dunkley. Learning & Organization Development Director (tidl.)

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