How do you leave a professional impression when you are educating your customers?

Struers is a global leader in production of machines and equipment for material analysis. One of their core services is the education of their customers in performing materialographic analyses of materials such as iron. The application specialists in charge of the education have a two-sided task: 1. They have to teach their customers highly specialized competencies in technical analyses. 2. They have to be the face of Struers and develop business critical relations to customers. They have to be representatives of Struers’ brand and position as a global market leader. This demands a lot from the specialists and educators. They want to make sure that the customers get the necessary professional expertise while maintaining an image as a professional and highly specialized supplier of quality products.

The solution we designed together

After our initial assessment, we agreed on the following steps:

  • Observation of training and analysis of the starting point
  • Individual training sessions with specialists using i.e. video training
  • New observations of training to assess effect of specialist training
  • Individual follow-up and feedback
  • Evaluation meeting with recommendations for further development and instructions for peer-to-peer feedback

Our goals:

  • Strengthening the individual specialist’s persuasive power as a teacher
  • Learning how to use body language and voice to position oneself in the room and create a positive dialogue
  • Gaining an understanding of visual tools and how they can enhance the learning of customers Designing educational sessions that involve and motivate the customers

The outcome

Struers now have a stronger framework for enhancing customer learning and they have tools for improving the external image of the company. Their education standard now lives up to their product standard. Struers’ application specialists now have personalized tools that improve their presentation skills.

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